Rotation Tool Illustrator

Today we were shown how to create flowers on Illustrator using the Rotate Tool. I used this method but experimented with different shapes to petals and tried different rotation points. This creates endless possibilities. I really enjoyed this method and hope to use it in one of my final designs.

Step 1: Draw the shape you want to rotate and select it.

Step 2: Click on the rotate tool (left hand tool panel). Hold down the ‘Alt’ key while clicking on the point you want to rotate the shape around.

Step 3: A menu will pop up, enter a number that is a division of 360 degrees. The larger the number the bigger the gap between each rotated shape. Click on the copy button, then keep pressing Cmd/Ctrl D until the shape is repeated into a full circle.

Here are some designs I produced using this technique. I then made them into a repeat patterns using Object > Pattern > Make.


Digital Project: Session 1

Today was the first session for my new digital project. We were given three themes to choose from, and I have chosen ‘Scanned Memory’. The theme description is ‘A Simplistic, purer and more ethically correct way of life: away from consumption, stress and rigid must-haves – towards favourites and a genuine feeling of well-being. Think x-rays/see through chic/lightness/delicacy.’ I have chosen this theme as it fits my style of artwork the best.

In this session as a group we discussed values we associated with each theme. I used these words to help me find imagery to use for my moodboard.

Some of the words we came up with for Scanned Memory were: pure, minimal, free, delicate, layers, nature, clean, raw, fragile, simple, light, white, see through, calm, well-being, soft, airy, gentle, pale, organic.

Next I chose 5 key values from these words to help me choose appropriate imagery for my moodboard.

Chanel Briefcase – Field evaluation


This project has been a great chance to learn skills in collaborating with other disciplines and working in a group. It was interesting to share ideas with each other and work with a new group of people. I really enjoyed being able to link my textile techniques with other subjects, for example collaborating with the product design students and coming up with the idea of a purse to go in the briefcase. I also discussed linking my designs with the interior design students ideas, creating patterns based on her themes for the rooms in the building. The experience was valuable to help me learn how to work well with a group of people and make compromises to create the best project result possible. We all got along really well and successfully linked all of our ideas together to create a cohesive final outcome. 

I think my final samples all link together well, I have used a clear colour palette and similar techniques for each. The imagery I used was linked to the ideas for the interior which had different themes for each room. The themes were ‘classic Chanel’, ‘floral’ and ‘fierce’. I think I have portrayed these themes well with my variations of designs. I was mostly inspired by Chanel’s haute couture collections, I love the amount of detail that is put into them. I tried to reflect this with the embellishments of beads on my samples. I think the foiling is really effective and the gold creates the ‘luxury’ feel of the brand that I wanted. If I had more time I would have loved to make one of my samples into a finished purse, but my main focus was the textile techniques rather than construction. Something to improve for next time is trying to keep my samples as flat as possible when adding embellishments as some of them don’t lie very flat which loses the professional touch.

Chanel Print Development

This week I have been deciding on my final prints for my Chanel project ready to get exposed onto a screen. These are my 3 final designs that I wanted to print.

As the deadline is next Friday, I was aiming to have at least one print done by the end of this week. I was going to get the two floral designs exposed this week then change my screen to the lion design next week. Unfortunately yesterday I had problems when getting my screen done. On my last print session I left my screen to get stripped ready to put my new design on this week, but it hadn’t been done so the process took longer than expected. By lunchtime yesterday my screen had been coated in emulsion so all that was left to do was to expose my designs onto the screen. After lunchtime the technical demonstrator exposed my screen for me but unfortunately something must have gone wrong (I’m not sure exactly what). When washing away the emulsion hardly any of my design was coming through and it seemed to have double printed. This was really frustrating as I had waited all day to get my screen done, hoping to get some printing done in the afternoon. As the print room was too busy I was told to come back again to redo it today.

The screen that didn’t expose properly

At around 10:30am today we stripped my screen again and by around 1 o clock my design was successfully on my screen! While I was waiting for the emulsion to dry I decided to change what I was going to get exposed, as the process of getting this design onto my screen took so much longer than expected . When thinking about how much time I have left for the project I decided it would be sensible to have the one floral design and the lion design exposed today as I obviously wont have time to get my screen changed again next week. I have decided I will recreate my Chanel room design (the first image) with stitch instead of print. I chose the lion design over that one as I need to foil the lions to get the gold effect I want. I feel so much better now that I finally have my screen ready, and hopefully there will be enough space in the print room tomorrow to get some printing done. It is unfortunate that I had this setback as I am really worried about running out of time to get everything done.

The Punks

Punk Style Notes

  • Used ordinary everyday items like pins, bin liners, pegs, tampons, razor blades and lavatory chains in their style
  • Extreme makeup
  • Brightly dyed hair using food colouring
  • Zips and outside seams on show
  • Graffiti, fake blood combined with school uniform as an anti-establishment statement
  • Bondage clothing- fishnets, bodices, leather, belts, rubber, rapist masks, chains
  • Dancing – the pogo, the pose and the robot
  • Basic and angry shouting music
  • Outcast status
  • Piercings in places other than ears, this caused shock as it wasn’t mainstream prior to punk
  • Notions of beauty and acceptable behaviour trashed


Notes reflecting on lecture

  • Punks made political statements through their styles and action (just like the Zoot Suit, Hip Hop etc)
  • The punks changed meanings and functions of objects to shock people, they wanted attention and they wanted to cause outrage. For example, wearing tampons as earrings.
  • Subcultures went against the mainstream ideology and questioned things about society.
  • Subcultures wanted to cause change in society.
  • Subcultures used ‘bricolage’, taking objects and giving them new meanings by using them in an odd way.

Film Photography Workshop

Today I learnt how to develop film in the dark room and it was so much fun! Last week I was given a film camera with black and white film in. Unfortunately the weather was grey and rainy all week so some of the photos were a bit dull but good enough to use to learn the process.


The first stage is to unroll the film in complete darkness and put it into a film spiral. This in then placed into a development tank which once shut doesn’t let any light inside of it. Next you add diluted developer and swirl the tank around every minute for 10 minutes. Pour out the developer and pour in some film stop for 30 seconds. After put the film stop back in its bottle as this can be reused. Pour film fixer into the development tank and leave for about 5 minutes. The final stage is to wash out the tank with water to remove any left over chemicals from the film and dip the film in wetting agent.

Once dry I created a contact sheet from my negatives. This helped me choose which images I would like to develop. To develop photos from the negatives I placed the image I wanted to develop into the projector and then did a test strip onto the photo paper. To create the test strip I exposed the photo paper in 2 second bursts covering up more of the photo paper each time. This gives you a stripy kind of image from light to dark that helps you choose the best amount of time to expose the photo paper to light for.

My favourite image of Bute Park

Once I had exposed my photo paper for the right amount of time for my image I took it over to the tray with developer in it. It is best to leave it in the developer for around 2 minutes whilst gently moving the tray around. Next I placed the photo into the film stop, then the film fixer. After I thoroughly washed off the photo and left it to dry. I developed quite a few of my photos, some of them were a bit grey and flat but a few of them came out really well! I really enjoyed this process and will definitely do it again, I’ve got another roll of black and white film to use already!



Chanel Ideas

After todays Field session and a tutorial yesterday I am now very clear on what I need to do next to move my project forward. The exhibition showcasing the briefcase will have 3 main rooms with 3 themes, classic Chanel, floral and fierce. I will be creating surface pattern designs based on these themes.

The classic Chanel room will have the briefcase displayed on a mannequin in the iconic Little Black Dress. My designs for this room will be black and white, quilted, simple floral designs. 


The floral room will incorporate black and white with gold and pink foiling, mainly printed on white fabric. Many of my samples and patterns so far are suitable for this room.

My prints will be used for the purse, scarf and other accessories that will go in the briefcase and be displayed on the mannequin. This will create a running theme throughout the room. My prints could also be used as wallpaper. This room will have a hanging floral installation which I could create a small 3d sample fabric flower for.

The fierce room will be based around the idea of strong women. The theme will be lions inspired by this wallpaper that Marine saw in a shop and thought would be perfect for the fierce Chanel room. We decided lions because I mentioned this video from the Chanel website, explaining Coco Chanel’s love of lions and lion jewellery collection.


My drawing based on the Chanel Lion.

I will create lion prints to be used in this room for the wallpaper and accessories to go with the briefcase. I aim to print onto black silk with gold foiling for these designs.


I have decided to create a collection of samples based upon these themes that will be in the Chanel exhibition. This will tie the textiles and interior together. My prints will be used in the interior and for the accessories to go with the briefcase. I will create a series of black and white silk samples with my collection of surface pattern designs, combining screenprinting, foiling, stitch and hand embellishment.