Initial Paper Based Research (Brief Part A): KNOT & BOW


Knot & Bow sells paper based products for birthdays including: balloons, confetti, wrapping paper, straws, napkins, cards, paper cups and paper plates.


Initial Interior Research (Brief Part A): THE LAND OF NOD


This brand sells playful and beautiful surface pattern designs on sofas, blankets, duvets, pillows and rugs. The designs are imaginative and perfect for children’s rooms. Some of the duvet sets come with matching cushions which is a clever idea. It would be fun to design one pattern and create lots of matching products from it in similar way to this.

Here is a link to The Land Of Nod website.

Initial Fashion Research (Brief Part A): LAZY OAF


Lazy Oaf is a brand that I have been interested in for a few years now and I have bought things from them in the past. It’s a very unique brand with a very clear sense of style. The clothing they sell is quirky and fun and the designs are not predictable. I really enjoy browsing through the website to see the new products they have on there.

Here is a link to the Lazy Oaf website.


Initial Interior Research (Brief Part A): SAGE & CLARE


I found this company through Pinterest when researching other interior brands. I really enjoyed browsing through all of the products, I particularly like the pom pom throw and cushion. All of the product images are very stylish and on trend.

Here is a link to the Sage & Clare website.

Initial Paper Based Research (Brief Part A): RIFLE PAPER CO


Rifle Paper Co sell calendars, notebooks, wrapping paper, postcards, phone cases, art prints and so on.Β  This is just a small selection of products that I liked from my initial research. There was so much to look at on the website and I definitely want to do some more research into Rifle as a brand.

This is the Rifle Paper Co website.

Initial Fashion Research (Brief Part A): DOOPS DESIGN


I love the patterns on these clothes, it’s the kind of style I would wear myself! This company hand prints all of the clothes so it is quite expensive. The prints are lovely, there is so much colour and you can see that each design is from the same brand.

Here is a link to the Doops Designs website.