Dissertation Proposal – Development of Ideas

In my tutorial today we discussed my initial ideas for the dissertation. I am more clear on the structure of the proposal and how we need to write it now. I have been given some areas of research to look into from Ashley which will help me expand my ideas through reading. Some of these are: Emma Renolds research on tomboys, Connel on masculinity, and Bartky on femininity. I will also look into binary and otherness, which I have already found some information on in ‘The Polity Reader in Gender Studies’ in a chapter by Moira Gatens who discusses how female is ‘other’ to male. Another book I have found really helpful so far is ‘Pink and Blue: Telling the Boys from the Girls in America’ by Jo B Paoletti, as it is about children’s clothing and how it is gendered, gendered motifs, and the history of how children’s clothing has changed throughout history.


Initial Research: Fashion, Interiors, Paper

I have started my initial research into the three market areas of: Fashion Textiles, Interior Textiles, and Paper Based Textiles. I have created a Pinterest board for each area and have found loads of inspiring stuff already! I am looking forward to continuing with my research and finding more wonderful Textiles designers and companies.

At the moment I am really enjoying looking into kidswear and interiors for kids bedrooms! I love the Mini Boden kids range of clothing, so I will definitely look into them further as a company.



Craft in The Bay

Today I went to Cardiff Bay with a friend and visited Craft in the Bay while we were there. There was a huge variety of art pieces there such as ceramics, jewellery, clothing, art prints and toys. One artists work in particular that I really loved was Anna Noel. Her detailed ceramic animals and people are beautiful and witty with a lovely illustrative style!

Here are some of my favourites.

Below are a few photos I took at the Bay during the sunset.

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Bookbinding Workshop

Today I went to a bookbinding workshop and made a little concertina book! I have done some bookbinding before, so I was familiar with some elements of the process, but this workshop showed me a more professional and neat way of creating my own books. The process is precise and involves carefully measuring your paper and covers to the correct size. To get crisp folds in the paper we used bone folders, and we covered our books with proper book cloth. At the end we placed our books in a machine that can flatten the books overnight which gives it a professional finish. I was also shown the stitching method used to sew paper together for the inside of a book, which is a really useful technique to know. I will definitely be making more books to use as sketchbooks!