Carrot Design

I have collaged some carrots in my sketchbook to make a carrot pattern. I used a combination of ink papers and acrylic papers for the carrots. I aimed for the paint strokes to run horizontally across the carrots to create a more realistic effect. I decided to do a variety of colours as I thought this would be more visually exciting than just orange.

most recent collages 1

Once I had scanned the collages in I started to edit them in Photoshop. First I used the eraser tool to neaten up all the edges and then I used the Hue/Saturation and Colour Balance tools to adjust the colours to match my colour palette.

Cut out carrots – right hand side shows edited colours

I then copied the carrots into Illustrator and had a play around with different pattern compositions using Object > Pattern > Make.

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 21.44.18

I tried a small busy pattern, a stripe design and also played around with different scales and background colours which can be seen below.

I preferred the larger version of the busy pattern as I think the textures in the carrots can be appreciated more. I thought that the smaller stripe design was more successful as the continuation of the repeat is more clear. I chose to have these two designs in the colours shown below to be sent off to be printed onto fabric. This gives me more options of what will be part of the final collection, as I can see which colours work best once printed onto fabric.


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