Sampling in Print Workshop

I came prepared today with my heat transfer collage pieces and a stencil to try out foiling bird feet. First I got a plain screen and tested the foiling glue to see how well it printed onto polyester suede. The test worked surprisingly well with my stencil so I decided to go ahead with my plan for the day. Next I put my collaged design in the heat press and printed it onto the polyester fabric. The colours came out slightly brighter than I had planned but it was successful.


After I arranged my bird feet stencil onto the plain screen and printed the glue through. Unfortunately it didn’t work as well as my test did, the glue came out a bit thick and lumpy – this may have been because I pulled the glue through too many times. Once the glue was dry I added the foil to the design in the heat press. On reflection I’m not sure if foil is suitable for this particular design, it doesn’t look quite right. I think it would look better if the bird feet were neater and less thick, but this is difficult when using a stencil. I think it might have worked better if I had collaged the bird feet with heat transfer paper too, as I would have more control over the shape and neatness of them. I am keen to try using foil for watering cans and spades in a gardening tool design, I think this will work better as the shiny element is more relevant to the motifs. I have decided to experiment with this design digitally on Photoshop for the time being, as I will have more control over the colours and arrangement of the design. I then will be able to digitally print it onto fabric and try adding stitch as an extra element.


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