Dissertation Proposal – Progression

I have found that the more reading I do the easier it is to narrow down what the point I would like to make in my essay is. So far I have been struggling with this as I know that I am interested in the social construction of gender and it’s links to clothing, but I couldn’t pin point what I specifically wanted to say about this. After my tutorial on Friday I feel more clear on what I need to do next to narrow down my ideas. My writing will be exploring how clothing is an example of the social construction of gender, for example the choice of colour, design and motifs and how this is influenced by the binary of masculine vs feminine. This needs to have a more specific angle of research, which I have decided will be looking at gender neutral clothing and how this challenges gender stereotypes. My next stage is to continue reading as much as possible on related topics: children’s clothing, gender neutrality, binary and otherness. I will also continue adding to the dissertation proposal structure form.

I also need to continue reading up on the social construction of gender, and how society is organised based on gender. Reading up on gender binaries and ‘othering’ will contribute to this. Next I will need to start reading about gender neutral clothing, and find related case studies – for example John Lewis’s gender neutral range of children’s clothing and how successful this is. We discussed that I need to be more specific in my points, for example when I am writing about my Subject work and designing my own gender neutral prints for children’s clothing, I need to clearly explain what I did and use images to show this. I need to decide what age range I mean for ‘children’s clothing’, I think it would be relevant to base it on children ages 2-4 years as that is what I designed my Subject project patterns for.


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