Print Workshop 1


Today was the first workshop day for the second part of the project. I decided to make use of the print room today as I have my own sewing machine at home, so I have the opportunity to do stitch on non workshop days. Unfortunately Steve wasn’t in today but we were still able to use the room. I planned to do some heat press collage designs today as this technique worked well for me in Part 1 of the project. I knew that I definitely wanted to do a heat press version of the gardening badger I drew yesterday and try a greenhouse design. We went to the stitch room to ask for some suitable synthetic fabrics that we could use in the heat press.

I started off by doing a colour test swatch so that I could see how each ink colour would change once it had been in the heat press. I then created a collaged version of the badger, carefully choosing the colours based on the colour test swatch. I also tried to match these colours as best as I could to my colour palette.

I found it hard to try and arrange the small pieces of paper in the heat press without the risk of them moving out of place. Because of this I decided to use a small amount of glue to stick them in place on another sheet of paper. This way I knew that my design would come out as planned. It also gave me a collage of my design to put in my sketchbook after. I think that the heat press badger looks a bit clunky and odd, I much prefer my pencil drawings over this style. 

I am pleased with the colours in this sample, although they are bright I managed to mix the inks slightly which has matched my colour palette quite well. I like the textured painterly effect you can see in the colours, for example the variations in colour in the green wellies. I wanted to try including some text to see if that worked well. I think a collection of images like this works nicely with some text to sum it up. If I use text in my final samples I will need to consider what style it will be in. I like the cut out letters as they are simple but clear. 

I hand painted this design as it would have been too fiddly to try and collage. I am really pleased with the final outcome, and I think a repeat pattern with lots of different greenhouses will work well. I need to draw some more greenhouses in different shapes and sizes next. I have already put this design into Photoshop and started playing around with colours and repeats. The blue in the background of the image is where someone else’s design had printed onto the newspaper I used in the heat press, which then printed onto my fabric. You can’t see it very clearly in the photo but it actually makes the design look more interesting with a background, so you could say its a happy accident! Because of this, next week I will try adding some backgrounds to go with my designs.


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