Action Plan

We met again at university today and had a tutorial in the morning to discuss our plans for the next stages of the project. I am much clearer now on what we need to do for the presentation. We spoke to Helen and realised that today it was important to make a solid plan on what we want to achieve in time for the presentation on Tuesday. We talked about ideas for the book that we want to make for our artefact, as we were all a bit unsure of what form it will take. I was glad we talked about this as previously I was a bit confused on what we were actually aiming to make. We discussed with Helen elements that make a book more interesting and interactive, for example having fold outs, pop ups, 3D elements, textures, pockets and flaps. We also discussed what we would like our presentation to be like, to incorporate the project idea, displaying the artefact in some way and potentially including sound. We are definitely sure we want it to have an interactive element.

Unfortunately Ffion wasn’t in today as she was ill so we were unable to see her progress on the editorial. We will use Facebook to update her on our plans and make sure we all agree on our decisions. We agreed that we would not be able to make a book to the standard we would like in the time we have for the project, and we wanted to be realistic about it. Therefore, we decided the content and artwork we make for the book is more important than the structure, so we bought an A5 sketchbook that we will add our own elements into. We agreed to cover the book with fabric so that it has a more handmade and personal look to it. I am keen to add pages of different shapes and sizes, flaps, fold outs and pockets to make the book more unique to us. Pockets can hold things like spices, sketchbook pages, photographs and fabric samples that can be taken out and looked at by the viewer. I like the idea of cutting pages into shapes or doing some paper cut artwork, which could create a layered effect. I also thought I could try stitching together small pieces of fabrics into a mini book, which could be kept in a pocket or compartment in the book as another element to lift out and explore.

For the final artefact to be successful I think it needs to be full of interesting pieces, and have a coherent style to it. The book has 40 pages in at the moment so we all have at least 10 pages each to experiment with.

For the rest of today I aim to start making a sequence for the sounds, cut out fabric sizes ready to dye and sort through my best photographs and sketchbook pages that I would like to use for the project.

sketchbook 9.jpg


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