Self Reflective Statement – ADZ5777_YR_17

FREYA SNOW - ST20102381

I have found Subject Part 1 interesting as I have learnt about myself as a textile designer. At the start of the project I assumed that I would probably end up picking an interiors or paper based company as my final choice to design for. I had less interest in fashion at this stage. Interestingly, I found that as I was doing all of my company research I was being drawn to fashion the most, which was unexpected for me. Companies that designed for children’s products appealed to me the most, for example the interior company The Land of Nod and my final company choice, Mini Boden. The fun, cute and imaginative prints that are used for children’s products really inspire me and make me want to design patterns like these myself. I would happily design for kids products when I have finished this course. Because of this, I have chosen children aged 2-4 for my target market for this project.

If I were to do a project like this again I would start my research earlier than I did, as it’s easy to underestimate how long the research process will take. I found my research enjoyable as I found new designers and companies that I hadn’t come across before. 

I made the most of my workshop days and got a decent variety of samples done. In my stitch workshops I did free machine embroidery, applique, hand embroidery and digital stitch. I had not done digital stitch previously to this project, and found it really enjoyable to learn about. After my three sessions I now feel confident using the digital stitch program and machines. I found the process really exciting and was very impressed with how my digital samples came out. I will definitely use this technique again. 

In my print workshops I tried heat transfer, screen printing, lino printing and foiling. I found that heat transfer collage was a successful technique, and I have not tried it in this way before. My screenprints weren’t overly successful due to the emulsion wearing away on my screen, but I didn’t let myself get too stressed about it as it wasn’t the end of the world. I haven’t done much lino printing before, and I am glad that I tried it out this term as I really enjoyed the process and final outcomes. 

For the project I chose Mini Boden as my final company as I felt most excited and inspired when researching through their products. I have chosen ‘Garden & Grow’ as my theme and I aim to create a fun and educational collection of patterns based on learning about what fruit and veg can be grown in the garden and what animals and plants can be found in the garden. I am glad I chose this for my theme as its different to what I have done for previous projects. I want to focus on the fruit and vegetables more than plants/flowers as I have done lots of plant based designs before.



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