Print Workshop Week 2

Today I wanted to do some screenprint samples, so I came in ready with a design suitable for an A3 screen. When trying to draw designs I was having a bit of trouble deciding what kind of drawing style and scale to use for my imagery. 

Preparing the screens today has been quite a long process but I was already aware that this would probably be the case. I started by stripping a screen and then had to wait for that to dry off. In this time I drew some more designs for my screen as I was given a huge screen with loads of space on. Once our screens were dry we then had to wait for Steve to make the emulsion up which was another 20 minutes. After this was ready we coated the screens with emulsion and had to wait another 20 minutes for that to fully dry. By 3pm I had managed to get my designs exposed onto the screen successfully. After this we had to tidy up so I had no time to get any prints done, which is quite frustrating as I feel like I haven’t got much done today. At least I know that next week I can get printing straight away and hopefully get lots of samples done. I will prepare my fabric and colour choices in advance to make it easier for myself. I really wanted to do screenprint samples as I always love the final outcome. But I will take into account that it will take me at least a day to prepare a screen in terms of when I want to do my final samples if I choose to do screenprinting. 


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