Lino Printing Workshop

Today I attended a sign up lino printing workshop since I have only done it once before. I thought a lino print vegetable would be fun to try now that I have decided the theme for my project.

We were initially shown some examples of different techniques you can try with lino printing, these included using caustic paste and wax to create tone and trying a reduction process. This photo is an example of using caustic paste.



I drew my turnip design onto the lino and carved a decent amount of the surrounding edges away. I had a go with a small tool similar to a drill, that you can glide over the lino to create textured marks. This worked well for faint lines and texture and is useful to make the print look less flat.



Once I had carved enough lino I cut away the excess and it was ready to print. I used the inks that were already rolled out as there wasn’t much time left for the session. I used a blend of white and blue which created a nice gradient. I used the big printing press for the first time, it ensures your print comes out clearly and precisely. I did find it quite hard to pull the huge lever though! My print came out really nicely and I like how the white ink fades into the paper. I love the handmade element of lino prints, and that you can repeat your design as many times as you want. When I do lino printing again I will try to be more experimental as I only tried the basics today.

I am really glad I attended today as I am now confident with cutting lino blocks and feel comfortable to use the inks and printing press if I need to in the future. I will take my turnip lino block into my print workshop tomorrow to try printing in different colours onto fabric.




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