Mini Boden Website


Mini Boden girls’ and boys’ clothes are designed with exploring in mind, so they’re big on comfort aaaand machine washability. From unique boys’ T-shirts and twirlable girls’ dresses, to coats, shoes and accessories in a kaleidoscope of colours, we’ve got you covered from head to shoulder to knee to toe.

From our hand-drawn hero print to mythical creatures with sparkly features, there’s a design for every adventure. – girls clothes theme A/W 2017

Epic outfitting journeys should begin with a fire-breathing sidekick — we’ve got lots, plus all the styles to match. – boys clothes theme A/W 2017

In the magical world of Baby Boden, adorable animals roam free on delicate embroidery and soft crochet. – baby boden A/W 2017

Explore the full range of Boden girls’ clothes in sizes 0 to 16 years. Whether you love easy-peasy outfits made of bright girls’ dresses and leggings, or you’re looking for your new favourite pair of grown-up girls’ jeans, we’ve got the entire floordrobe neatly laid out here.

When it comes to girls’ fashion, we say: be yourself. For baby, teen and every girl in between, our clothes manage to be comfortable, stylish, age-appropriate AND unique. Check out their surprising prints, colours and details. Not forgetting their softness, quality and mum-pleasing machine-washability (take that, mud and stubborn grass-stains). We’ve got everything from jeans, trousers, sweatshirts and tees to skirts, party dresses, sparkly shoes and accessories – but YOU decide when to wear what…

Discover the full range of Boden boys’ clothes in sizes 0 to 16 years. We’ve got boys’ T-shirts featuring amazing 3D details, the most comfortable boys’ jeans and trousers on the planet, and boys’ hoodies that are so soft you’ll never want to take them off, even for makeshift goalposts.

Baby Boden wraps up new arrivals and toddlers in the softest baby clothes with aww-worthy machine-washable details. Play sets and baby dresses feature a menagerie of adorable animals, while baby knitwear and jackets make those first outdoor adventures as snug as can be.


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