Stitch Workshop Week 1

In the workshop today I decided to do some free machine embroidery. I started off by doing a few drawings in my sketchbook to give me some ideas. I drew some different animals, I thought this would be fun imagery to use as a starting point. As it is so early in the project I am focusing more on practising the techniques rather than the imagery I use. Once I have decided my final company and theme I will be able to consider my use of colour and imagery in a more relevant way.


For these samples I tried to give it a childlike look, and wanted the stitching to look like scribbles. I used backing paper but the fabric has puckered quite a lot due to the large area of stitching. Next time I will make sure my embroidery hoop is holding the fabric tight enough as this may have been the problem. I found these samples useful for me as I realised that I could do quite neat, careful stitches for the spikes and spots using the free machine foot. The advantage of using the free machine foot rather than the normal machine foot is that it enabled me to create free, flowing lines whereas with the regular foot the stitches might have been more stiff.

For the second half of the day we were reintroduced to the digital stitch program. I familiarised myself with the main tools and had a go at creating a design. There wasn’t enough time in the session to stitch my design, but I saw someone else go through the process of putting the design into the digital stitch machine and having it stitched out. I will prepare a design for the digital stitch workshop next week in advance, so that I have enough time to get it stitched out.



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