Digital Project – Final Outcomes

This project has shown me the process of how to create a moodboard and colour board based on a specific theme, and then creating digital designs based on these images as inspiration.

I have found this project very useful as I have gained so many new skills. I have learnt to carefully consider a theme and create an appropriate colour palette for it. I have experimented with various designs and colour options to create final pieces that reflect my theme in the best way possible.

This project has hugely improved my Photoshop skills and introduced me to Illustrator, which I have enjoyed using. Although it was challenging at stages these programmes were really worth learning how to use, and I will use them for my work in the future. Now I have got the hang of the main tools on each programme I feel confident to produce more successful digital work for other projects.

I think my final 6 designs work well as a group and fit in with the ‘Scanned Memory’ theme. I did find that the colours vary slightly from what they were on my laptop to what they look like printed. I have used repeat patterns and placements which I think works well to create some variety in the designs. This project has been really valuable and I can’t wait to learn more on Photoshop and Illustrator!


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