Artboards in Illustrator

Today I discovered how using artboards in Illustrator can be a great way to create lots of versions of a design and compare them. To get artboards create a new document and ensure you select how many artboards you want before you close the window.

Today I used artboards to create lots of versions of a leaf design I had drawn. I found this incredibly useful as I could easily compare each one and see which design was most successful out of the bunch. Artboards are useful to show the process you have worked through to come to your final design. In my artboards I had a variety of colours, scales and arrangements of the same motif. This technique enabled me to create lots of designs fast just by changing a few aspects each time.

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 14.52.40.png

This technique will be useful when I have potential final designs and I need to put them together to see what works best as a group.


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