Photoshop – Filling a Shape With an Image

Today I was playing around on Photoshop and was trying to think of a way to add a new element to my designs. When I was generating imagery to scan into the computer, I did a few watercolour textures using my colour palette. I thought it would be interesting to see if I could fill a shape I had drawn on Photoshop with a watercolour texture rather than a solid colour. This would add some interest and depth to my designs.

After looking online I found the best method to do this.

Step 1: Use the magic wand tool to select the inside of the shape and fill with solid black.

Step 2: Paste the image of a watercolour texture onto the same document.

Step 3: Make sure the layer of the watercolour texture is ABOVE the layer for the black shape. Right click on the watercolour texture layer and select ‘Create Clipping Mask’. This will fill only the inside of the black shape with the watercolour texture.

Step 4: Use the Transform tool (Ctrl/Cmd T) to move around the watercolour texture until the placement is correct. Then merge the two layers together.


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