Rotation Tool Illustrator

Today we were shown how to create flowers on Illustrator using the Rotate Tool. I used this method but experimented with different shapes to petals and tried different rotation points. This creates endless possibilities. I really enjoyed this method and hope to use it in one of my final designs.

Step 1: Draw the shape you want to rotate and select it.

Step 2: Click on the rotate tool (left hand tool panel). Hold down the ‘Alt’ key while clicking on the point you want to rotate the shape around.

Step 3: A menu will pop up, enter a number that is a division of 360 degrees. The larger the number the bigger the gap between each rotated shape. Click on the copy button, then keep pressing Cmd/Ctrl D until the shape is repeated into a full circle.

Here are some designs I produced using this technique. I then made them into a repeat patterns using Object > Pattern > Make.


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