Chanel Print Development

This week I have been deciding on my final prints for my Chanel project ready to get exposed onto a screen. These are my 3 final designs that I wanted to print.

As the deadline is next Friday, I was aiming to have at least one print done by the end of this week. I was going to get the two floral designs exposed this week then change my screen to the lion design next week. Unfortunately yesterday I had problems when getting my screen done. On my last print session I left my screen to get stripped ready to put my new design on this week, but it hadn’t been done so the process took longer than expected. By lunchtime yesterday my screen had been coated in emulsion so all that was left to do was to expose my designs onto the screen. After lunchtime the technical demonstrator exposed my screen for me but unfortunately something must have gone wrong (I’m not sure exactly what). When washing away the emulsion hardly any of my design was coming through and it seemed to have double printed. This was really frustrating as I had waited all day to get my screen done, hoping to get some printing done in the afternoon. As the print room was too busy I was told to come back again to redo it today.

The screen that didn’t expose properly

At around 10:30am today we stripped my screen again and by around 1 o clock my design was successfully on my screen! While I was waiting for the emulsion to dry I decided to change what I was going to get exposed, as the process of getting this design onto my screen took so much longer than expected . When thinking about how much time I have left for the project I decided it would be sensible to have the one floral design and the lion design exposed today as I obviously wont have time to get my screen changed again next week. I have decided I will recreate my Chanel room design (the first image) with stitch instead of print. I chose the lion design over that one as I need to foil the lions to get the gold effect I want. I feel so much better now that I finally have my screen ready, and hopefully there will be enough space in the print room tomorrow to get some printing done. It is unfortunate that I had this setback as I am really worried about running out of time to get everything done.


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