The Punks

Punk Style Notes

  • Used ordinary everyday items like pins, bin liners, pegs, tampons, razor blades and lavatory chains in their style
  • Extreme makeup
  • Brightly dyed hair using food colouring
  • Zips and outside seams on show
  • Graffiti, fake blood combined with school uniform as an anti-establishment statement
  • Bondage clothing- fishnets, bodices, leather, belts, rubber, rapist masks, chains
  • Dancing – the pogo, the pose and the robot
  • Basic and angry shouting music
  • Outcast status
  • Piercings in places other than ears, this caused shock as it wasn’t mainstream prior to punk
  • Notions of beauty and acceptable behaviour trashed


Notes reflecting on lecture

  • Punks made political statements through their styles and action (just like the Zoot Suit, Hip Hop etc)
  • The punks changed meanings and functions of objects to shock people, they wanted attention and they wanted to cause outrage. For example, wearing tampons as earrings.
  • Subcultures went against the mainstream ideology and questioned things about society.
  • Subcultures wanted to cause change in society.
  • Subcultures used ‘bricolage’, taking objects and giving them new meanings by using them in an odd way.

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