Chanel Ideas

After todays Field session and a tutorial yesterday I am now very clear on what I need to do next to move my project forward. The exhibition showcasing the briefcase will have 3 main rooms with 3 themes, classic Chanel, floral and fierce. I will be creating surface pattern designs based on these themes.

The classic Chanel room will have the briefcase displayed on a mannequin in the iconic Little Black Dress. My designs for this room will be black and white, quilted, simple floral designs. 


The floral room will incorporate black and white with gold and pink foiling, mainly printed on white fabric. Many of my samples and patterns so far are suitable for this room.

My prints will be used for the purse, scarf and other accessories that will go in the briefcase and be displayed on the mannequin. This will create a running theme throughout the room. My prints could also be used as wallpaper. This room will have a hanging floral installation which I could create a small 3d sample fabric flower for.

The fierce room will be based around the idea of strong women. The theme will be lions inspired by this wallpaper that Marine saw in a shop and thought would be perfect for the fierce Chanel room. We decided lions because I mentioned this video from the Chanel website, explaining Coco Chanel’s love of lions and lion jewellery collection.


My drawing based on the Chanel Lion.

I will create lion prints to be used in this room for the wallpaper and accessories to go with the briefcase. I aim to print onto black silk with gold foiling for these designs.


I have decided to create a collection of samples based upon these themes that will be in the Chanel exhibition. This will tie the textiles and interior together. My prints will be used in the interior and for the accessories to go with the briefcase. I will create a series of black and white silk samples with my collection of surface pattern designs, combining screenprinting, foiling, stitch and hand embellishment.






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