Print Workshop: Puff, Foiling & Flocking

Today I had my second print workshop where I did some foiling, puff binder and flocking. I had a new design put on my screen yesterday since my other one went wrong.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

I drew my designs with much thicker lines this time and it worked much better. First I did a few prints using the puff binder, one in the natural colour, one in black and one in pink. I have done this technique before so I knew the effect it would create, and I’m not sure that it’s very suitable for my Chanel project.

Next I printed my design with the glue used for foiling and flocking. I did my first print on my organic bamboo silk samples in order to test the fabrics and different colours. I did a few other prints using the glue on plain fabrics, but when I came back to them after leaving them to dry, I don’t think much glue went on to any of them so I couldn’t use them.
I tested foiling and flocking on my small fabric samples in a few different colours. Unfortunately the flocking didn’t work very well but I don’t think it’s right for my product anyway. I love the effect of foiling especially on the black fabric. Next I need to try a white screen print on top of black fabric and see how foiling looks on top.


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