Screenprinting Workshop

Today was my first day in print. I had two A4 floral line designs to put onto an A3 screen.

Unfortunately the emulsion was knocked so part of my design was ruined, and some of my lines were too thin to be recognised. 

This is frustrating as I was hoping to get some good samples today but I will have to wait until next week to re do my screen. Luckily I have copies of my designs so I can recreate them. So far I have printed them once using black ink. I had to tape up a lot of the design to cover the smudges but the flowers that were intact have printed out well enough to use as samples for now. 

I also tried printing part of the design onto dark felt to see how it would look printed white but the design just bled and came out really blotchy and blobby on the fabric. 

At the end of the day I did one final attempt by taping up the whole screen except for the flower that printed the best, and tried printing the same one repeatedly over the fabric but again they came out really blotchy and didn’t work. After this I didn’t have any time left to do anymore prints. 


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