Two of a Kind

A couple of days ago I received an email asking me to create a piece of artwork for a USW Fashion students pop up shop in Cardiff. I accepted the offer and today went and did the painting! Angharad wanted me to paint a feature wall as part of her pop up shop for her brand ‘Two of a Kind’. She is selling jumpers that she has made and wanted a wall to take photos of her customers in front of. Her poster featured hands in different positions, and she wanted something similar for the wall. All of her profits will go to the homeless charity The Wallich.

I sent her some initial drawings which she was happy with so I brought them with me today to the pop up shop in Duke Street Arcade. I used these as a starting point and painted hands in blue and orange around the edge of the wall as a frame for the photos she wanted to take. Above this I wrote the tagline ‘The jumper is just the start’ in black.

It was a great experience to work to a brief and have a go at something I haven’t done before, and I loved being able to help a good cause. Painting the wall gave me some publicity which was amazing!



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