Mark Eley Visit

Mark Eley from Eley Kishimoto came to visit our class today. He did a presentation about how the company was formed and all of the things they have achieved. It was really overwhelming how much he had done over the years, and really inspired me! He showed us initial repeat pattern designs all the way through to the final prints. It was a really interesting insight into a professional designers experience.


We spent the rest of the day showing Mark our work and getting ideas and feedback from him. This was a great idea but the way we did it wasn’t the best, as instead of going round to us individually while the rest of the class carried on working, we all sat and observed the whole thing. This got a bit tedious and repetitive in the end. The idea behind it was good though and we did get some interesting comments from Mark which is useful to take on for further work. Overall this was a good experience to have. 


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