Speed Dating with Sewing Machines!

Today we did a speed dating session with sewing machines, there were 12  machines with different feet to go around in the day. We had 20 minutes to have a go on each machine.

Here are some of my samples from my favourite feet of the day!

Pintuck foot – creates 3d raised surface, great for creating textures and a 3d effect in my work.



Fringe foot – creates loops of thread which can be left or cut to create fringing. Lovely for texture on a piece of work.



Piping foot – enables easy and neat piped edges on fabrics, great to add a bit of contrast with fabrics.



3 way and single cording foot – creates lovely decorative stitching with lines of cord underneath, good technique to combine colours with.



Ruffler foot – creates ruffled ribbon really quickly and easy, you can choose for it to ruffle every 1, 6 or 12 stitches.



Decorative stitching foot – creates really neat decorative stitches, there are so many to choose from!



This was a great day as I have learnt loads of new techniques that I can use on the machines!




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