Affordance in Everyday Life


We perceive things visually and encounter the possibilities they give to us. Affordance is when an object creates a possibility for action. In this case, the arms of the glasses, the two eye frames etc. I know my glasses are for my eyes as there are two ‘windows’ that are slightly larger than eye size with glass in them. The glass suggests they should be looked through as it is clear, if they weren’t for looking through they would be opaque.
4a92f2ee59a371b8a7acd225dc9108f10The arms of the glasses are a possibility for action, they can move as they have hinges, they fold out and have slight bends in which indicates they rest on top of my ears. In the centre of the two windows is a nose shaped hole with the inner edges of the windows slightly raised out. This suggests to me that this part of the frame should rest on my nose, level with my eyes.


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