Dye Workshop

Today in the dye workshop I tried out some shibori and tie-dye techniques. I tied marbles into fabric which keeps its shape once it’s been in the heat of the dye bath, so it creates an interesting 3D effect. Another technique I used was pinching pieces of fabric and then tying the string around them tightly which created a resist.




Here are some of the pieces I made from using different techniques when tying the string on the fabric. I created this piece using the shibori technique, dyeing it in blue, then re tying the string in different areas and re-dyeing it in the red. This has made a layered effect which I really like.



I love how the colours came out on this piece of fabric because of the variation in them with brighter patches of blue. The circles have come out really well but with a nice mottled effect. I created this colour using a combination of red and blue dye.


I used pegs and paper clips as a resist for these two pieces, because they are different types of fabrics they have ended up looking completely different. The one on the left is rather subtle and faded as it’s a thin silky fabric. The one in the right picture (on the far left of the image) has more harsh shapes and colouring, because it’s on a thicker, slightly fluffy fabric and I left it to dye longer. I like both examples as they have really interesting marks and shapes in them.








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