Dye Workshop

Today was my first time using the dye baths at university. We didn’t go into loads of detail about which dyes are suitable for which fabrics, Steve just set it up for us and let us get to it. I experimented using plastic circle shapes to create resists on the fabric. To create this effect you fold up the fabric and then clamp a circle on either side, and then put it in the dye bath! The first and third photo are more subtle and random shapes, whereas the larger photo below has a lot more contrast and has an ordered pattern to it.

I think this piece is most successful because in terms of being a large piece of fabric it would work the best as a pattern and I like the colours I used. The photo doesn’t show it very well but I dyed it pink first using the small circles, then dyed it again in the blue and used a larger circle to create a layered effect, so the fabric has layers of pink, blue, white and purple where the colours mixed.


Another technique I tried was tie dye using a large tube. I wrapped the fabric around the tube, gathered it up and tied string on to secure it. I stood half the fabric in the pink dye and the other half in the blue and pink to create purple. I was aiming for an ombre effect and feel like it worked well! I love the interesting patterns and textures the resist of the string has had on the fabric. I enjoyed this technique because the end product is a complete surprise to you, I would love to try it again.



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