Heat Press Workshop

Today in print we used the heat press, I have done this process before but just the very basics of it. I was able to be a lot more experimental today so I ended up with some work that I am really happy with. I found some interesting techniques that create quite different effects from one other. I found I preferred the less shiny fabric to print on as it has a delicate feel and isn’t completely opaque allowing my designs to show slightly through the back which is a nice addition.

I started off with fairly simple designs that I painted onto paper and then placed into the press with my fabric. This is my most successful basic line painting that I did. It’s quite hard to know exactly how your colours will come out when printed onto the fabric, as when the inks are painted onto the paper they seem quite dark and dull, but are bright and vibrant once printed. I really like the colour combinations in this print, and I like how well the colours have layered over each other.


The first photo below shows the effect created by painting leaves with ink and using those to print marks onto my paper. This has created a natural, organic look and I love how you can see the patterns in the leaves . I think it could be improved by adding more layers with different colours and different types of leaves. I tried this technique again at the end of the day in a more organised way which worked well. The second photo shows using a leaf as a resist. I did this by putting it on top of a painted background with the fabric on top in the heat press. This technique will work well with very delicate objects e.g. a leaf skeleton or something translucent. For the third photo I had already used the lace and ribbon for the previous technique, so it had been dyed slightly by the pink coloured ink. I tried placing it back in the heat press with the dyed side down to see if it would reprint with the colour, and it worked! This is a really clever way to get intricate patterns onto fabric using found objects, I love the detail in the lace reprint.

Below is my favourite piece from the day, I love the combination of colours and the texture created by the print of the leaves. Instead of randomly printing them like previously, I decided to make a pattern with them which worked really well.

A new technique I tried and would love to use again, is painting leaves and once they are dry placing them in the heat press directly onto the fabric. I like this technique as it prints a colourful and detailed reprint of the plants details. I tried an arranged pattern with this tiny sample.img_1174



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