The Body in Art & Design: How Selfies Objectify Us


By posting this selfie, I have objectified myself. I am representing myself through my appearance by posting this onto Instagram for my followers to see. I can’t really explain why I posted it or what I was aiming to achieve by doing so. I suppose it’s something that my friends do and at the time may have given me some self-confidence by receiving likes. This is a perfect example of how social media is in control, we just follow the crowd and do what everyone else does to try and fit in. Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook enable us to create the ‘perfect identity’ for ourselves. By using a filter on this photo I have tried to make myself look better than I appear in real life, a modern version of how in the past paintings would represent people better than they really were. We seem to parade our lives onto social media and it has become the normal thing to do. We try so hard to present ourselves online as an ideal version of what we really are, by posting edited pictures of how we look and bragging about how we live our lives in a great way. Social media controls the way we present ourselves to others, there has become an obsession with gaining followers and likes, but what do we really gain from these things? It’s all about gaining attention, popularity and how you come across to other people.


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