Life Drawing Session

Monday’s drawing session was a combination of life and plant drawing. I focused on getting a lot of detail into my drawings and tried to get the proportions correct. We started off with the life model clothed with some plants around her, then did 20 minute drawings onto a long scroll of paper, moving into a new position around the setup for each drawing. This exercise was useful in terms of getting a good composition and picking out the best details to draw from a scene.


For the second part of the day we draped the model in fabric and arranged roses around her. We did two longer drawings of 45 minutes with this set up, changing the pose each time. This really enabled me to get the detail into my drawing and I really enjoyed the challenge of trying to portray the movement and flow of the fabric draped on the model. I am really pleased with the first drawing as I think I captured the scene realistically.


The drawing task for today was to re draw the best plant drawings I did on Monday on a larger scale and with more detail. I liked being able to focus just on the plants and love the sketchy effect the charcoal pencil has created on the first drawing. The second drawing is more linear and clear, whereas the first drawing is more shaded and detailed.


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